Matthias Müller-Prove

Initiativen UX Camp Hamburg (seit 2014)
  IxDA Local Group Hamburg (Gründungsmitglied 2010)
  Raum Schiff Erde (Gründungsmitglied 2010)
  uxHH (Community-Gründer 2007)
  UX Roundtable (Gründungsmitglied 2001)
  HIForum (seit 1999)
Rolle Event-Organisator, Moderator, Speaker, Community Manager, Mentor
Beruf Experience & Interaction Designer, Diplom-Informatiker
Branche IT, Design
Motivation "Digital technology is becoming part of our human culture like reading and writing. As we are in the midst of the revolution, my aim is to understand, comment and drive the shift. Computer and information science is – more than ever – a social science. We develop systems for people. Therefore, we are resposible for the consequences on our culture. This is what it means to be a human computer interactivist."
Kontakt mprove (at)
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